Sims 3 Into Future Is One Of The Best Expantion Packs You Can Get For Sims 3, Find Out Why

 sims 3 into future

This sweet Sims 3 expansion is one of the best yet! Sims 3 Into Future is all about the future, if that was not already obvious. But it’s an exciting and original idea too!

Basically, upon installing this pack, you will not suddenly find your Sims living in the future, surrounded by high-tech gadgets and crazy robots cleaning the toilet.


It’s cooler than that.

What happens is, as you begin your game, at one point you get a mysterious visitor from the future who arrives in a time portal. You get to have it! Cool! But only after you assist the visitor with something. So now that your Sims has a portal, travel into the future to a crazy futuristic sub-neighborhood called “Arcadia Landing” is possible.

I love the fact that you can create and customize robots, or Plumbots. You can add trait chips in them, and develop their personalities and much more. There is a lot of cool new futuristic forms of transportation too like hover cars, and jetpacks. Need a job? Become a crazy astronomer, or a robot dealer. You can get a laser beat machine, a holographic TV, food synthesizers, or build-a-bot workshop, tons of fun stuff!

They have added a Back To The Future twist to your Sims personal storyline too. Now your Sim can change their future fate by changing their past. This is a very clever, and a fun idea.

Ok now what you should do it Pre-Order Sims 3 Into Future now, and download it! Why? because you will get the game downloaded onto your computer immediately the moment its released, so you do not have to line up at the store, plus Sims™ 3 – Into the Future LIMITED EDITION includes the exclusive Quantum Power Pack!

This exclusive Quantum Power Pack features an awesome hibernation chamber and multi-function power suit! So cool!

sims 3 into future

• The  Quantum Power Chamber puts your Sims in suspended hibernation, which will keep them young forever, and give you a break from taking care of the Sims because their needs are on hold indefinitely.
• Tap Into the Benefits of Quantum Power – The Chamber can quip your Sim with a futuristic Quantum Power Suit, enabling them to teleport around the globe, or scan the world for collectables!
• If you don’t have time for your Sims, get them into the  Quantum Power Suit to take a break, this will bio-stabilize your Sims right away so you can take care of business.

sims 3 into future

“Science fiction worlds are the best because they take us to places of the mind where we have not been before. Sims 3 Into Future does this too. You can discover a whole, brave new world far into the future where your Sims can learn new unseen of skills, and have fun with magical technological advances!”

You could just have your Sims fly about on hover boards and jetpacks, traveling via monorail, or up tube elevators, or just get creative with futuristic hairstyles and clothing, and so much more!

sims 3 into future

Sims 3 Into Future is a great expansion for Sims 3, and you should Pre-Order it now to get the exclusive Quantum Power Pack!

Be part of the future, and a new way of life. Experiment with future technology. Change life in the future from the past.  Create-A-Bot.  Buy and build the homes of the future, and so much more…

sims 3 into future

Sims 3 Into Future is one of the most advanced Sims 3 expansion packs. Download it here:

sims 3 into future

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