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Since the invention of downloadable games like at Origin.com, it has never been easier for me to get my games, and play them the day they come out. For someone like me who hates driving around town all day looking for the last copy of a newly released video game, and going home empty-handed, downloadable games PC is a gift from God! This exact scenario has played out in my life so many times, (because great video games are in high demand,) I rejected conventional video game outlets to fall in love with ORGIN!


Because being able to download my games allows anyone to get the biggest and best PC games around, without the regular hassles.

I love downloadable games for my PC because I can’t stand waiting for a new video game to be released that I really want, and not getting it. At Places like Origin I can pre-order the games, and it will download onto my PC on the exact release date!

This makes our lives as gamers much simpler and happier, as it gives gamers more freedom and control. Another huge bonus are the great deals I can get on some of my favorite games, and I like to play a lot, so the cheaper the game the better.

I can’t understand how people can stand in front of a media store all night in the cold for the release of new games when they can just download games directly to a PC?


There are thousands 0f downloadable games, and the selection is growing everyday. Some portals have exclusive game titles too that you can only download there, and tons of indie games.

The download clients bring an entire multi-verse of gaming onto your PC instantly.

So what is the benefits of digital downloading?

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider

Cheap pricing, lots of sales, and tons of  different kinds of games from small producers, big titles, to independent games.

Security, and the ease of use is another big benefit. There is no more running out to the video game store, and you can play your games from any computer anywhere.

You will no longer need a disc that can get broken, stolen, lost, or scratched. Even if you uninstall your games, they will always be accessible to you to reinstall whenever you want.


So whether you’re upgrading to a new machine, or just spending a week at grandma’s house, all of your games will be instantly available as soon as you install them any time from your account.

Also all of your games are saved, achievements, and game progress is saved on a cloud, so you can pick up your game play anytime and anywhere, whenever you want! This gives the gamer total freedom. Origin also connects your account to Xbox live accounts, and face book accounts. Very cool!

And so much more!

So what are you waiting for?Get Origin and Downloadable Games PC NOW!

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